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Because of the difficulty of the craftsmanship and other reasons, current RGB lighted mouse pads are designed only for the mouse alone, the sizes are relatively small. In the trend toward light effects hardware, Jonsbo team creates large RGB mouse pad for users to place both keyboard and mouse on it at the same time, and so to expand the effective desktop range.

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1. Jonsbo team innovatively uses 4 mm thickness fully tempered glass as the main materials to create the RGB mouse pad, it can avoid the uneven deformation problem from acrylic or metal plate. In addition to the thickness of the tempered glass, there are 1.5 mm thickness non-slip inodorous silicone pad and 0.5 mm thickness hardened PC material on the glass, the total thickness of the product is 6mm. With this thickness, it can avoid the mouse pad to be slipped with the movement of the mouse, and so reduce the chance of maloperation by user.
2. Red, green, blue, white, yellow, purple, pink, cyan and orange, 9 monochrome light effects can be set. Besides, it can also be set to 256 switching colors or turned off.
3. Design with one control switch for turning on and off and changing the RGB colors of MP-2 (SMALL) and MP-3 (LARGE), it provide users with the convenience for changing the light effects without the needs of Windows system.
4. In order to ensure user with precise mouse movement and reduce the probability of error, the surface of the professional PC material which attach to the surface of the glass is processed with fine matte texture craftsmanship, it can take into account the balance of user’s controllability and speed, optical and laser mice are suitable.
5. We have not used simple non-slip foot pad to support MP-3 just by considering the cost, but 1.5 mm thickness silicone pad has been used for the whole back area. Comparing with low cost rubber and foam, Silicone has excellent non-slip characteristics and is inodorous, it is good for health and environmental protection.