FR-101 (GREEN)

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FR 101 is Jonsbo’s 120mm premium LED fan, available in 4 colours, red, blue, green and white. It has a unique blade design that can effectively remove the residual heat generated by hardware. It is perfect for cabinets and rigs where the fan faces the visible area. The fan has 18 pieces of highlighted LED luminous light source array to provide bright illumination along with unparalleled build quality for longevity. FR 101 fans have large rubber shock absorbent pads on each side to minimise noise and vibration. This makes them perfect for sound editing systems. Moreover the fans come with an inbuilt 3/4 pins along with an additional connector for PSU connectivity for flexibility in rig building. FR-101 uses EU export standard environmental protection material to avoid causing e-waste.



Out of stock

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1. A good visual effect is formed by multiple pieces of highlighted LED light sources.
2. Fluid bearing – the guarantee of long service life.
3. Innovative blade system design can effectively improve the residual heat removed ability of hardware.
4. FR-101 fully uses EU export standard environmental protection material to avoid e-waste
5. FR-101 provides users a 3 PIN to 4 PIN adapter, which can provide the functions of getting power directly from PSU and series connection from power supply port, a 4 PIN connector can connect more than one fan
6. Large area has been covered by shock absorption silicone pad, it effectively reduces the fan resonance and noise transmission.