CR-201 (WHITE)

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The CR 201 is a horizontal CPU radiator that does not go down the conventional front design route. It uses a unique LED system of side desogn on both the sink and the fan resulting in a classy and unique design element. The system uses pure copper heat pipes to transfer heat barrier free. The cooler comes with a LED fan (RBGW) which is silent. The fan is designed for sideLED to complete the look. The design supports the new LGA 775 series and AM4 configuration.



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1. With four copper heat pipe barrier-free connection, it allows rapid heat conduction to the fins for heat dissipation.
2. With double-blackening processed heat pipe and radiator, and precondition of not losing efficiency of heat dissipation, it can prevent the oxidized discoloration of heat pipe and cooling fins for a long time, thus extending the service life of the product.
3. Innovative LED light source are used at the top to provide an elegant effect.
4. Equipped with Japanese NMB double ball bearing 12CM LED light fan, it brings user not only cool light effect but also double lifetime.
5. The cooling fins are widened to 60mm, and the heat dissipation area is increased by 1/3 compared with traditional side-blown radiator, so it effectively improves the cooling efficiency of the radiator.
6. Support INTEL LGA 775 / 115X and AMD full platforms