CR-101 (WHITE)

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The CR 101 is a horizontal CPU radiator that aims to achieve a beautiful design while also cooling motherboard components and has long legs to provide components clearence. The system uses pure copper heat pipes to transfer heat barrier free. The cooler comes with a LED fan (RBGW) which is silent. The fan is front facing (FR 101 modified) with designs on the heat sink also to complete the look. The design supports the new LGA 775 series and AM4 configuration.



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1. The cooler has 4 pure copper , barrier free heat transfer tubes.
2. Double blackening process has been used ,effectively elongating product life.
3. It comes with 18pcs highlight LED lights, composing a mute luminous fan.
4. With fins widening to 40mm, 1/4 heat dissipation area is increased comparing with traditional down-flow radiators, it efficiently increase the efficiency of heat dissipation of the radiator.
5. Support INTEL LGA 775 / 115X and AMD all series platform (including AM4).